The Problems

Manual Process & administration

Manual planning & assign job to make it difficult to manage, track & to generate report

Time management issue

Non-responsive driver and hours spend everyday or everyweek to do job assignment to driver

Unknown Job Statuses

No visibility to driver location, status of job assigned & estimation of job completion

Our Solutions

  1. Jobs management portal
  2. Plan Schedules & Route optimization
  3. Dispatch jobs, Smart tracking, and to receive realtime update & status of on-going jobs
  1. Mobile Companion to accept & manage jobs assigned
  2. Digital POD (Proof of Delivery) features with e-signature & photo proof
  3. Seamless job assignment on-the-go

Why choose us

Reduce planning time

On-average daily planning time could take up to 1 - 2 hours in a day. With our solution, we have transform daily planning to less than 15 mins.

Improved delivery success rate

With complete visibility of daily operations, and integrated system between planner & drivers, delivery success rate would increase significantly

Less paperwork

We help to digitize all processes and it will help planner to reduce the paperwork & manual documentation

Improved customer experience

With automated SMS/Email notifications, We help company to keep their customers involved & updated in delivery process

Real-time Tracking

Get real-time update of the job statuses from dashboard.

3rd party delivery service

Leverage on 3rd party delivery service would be helpful when we merchant unable to leverage full on the driver. With integration with few 3rd party delivery providers, it will help planner to have seamless assignment via merchant dashboard

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